Thursday, May 28, 2009

Buying stock

We have had mixed experiences buying from nurseries. At least two were completely delightful enthusiasts, generously sharing knowledge and helping us with finding things even offering to search US nursery catalogues and import them if we covered plant and import costs!.

Seagate and Iris of Sissinghurst

Another was about as helpful as a chocolate teapot, though quick to offer to find us plants he didn't have 'for fee', UK only. A fourth was unhelpful, sent us tiny struggling plants a month later than promised along with plants we didn't order, all this 3 months after taking the money, then took another 6 weeks to send a refund by cheque having taken payment by CC - all good for their cash flow but sadly we will never buy from them again and notably we will tell our friends how bad the service that they provide is..... not to mention the pooooor quality and high price of plants.

If we ever get to selling our MTB's I aim to have only good quality plants going out, take money only on delivery and any refunds by the same method of payment.

ho hum

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