Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What is an MTB?

"The MTB is exactly as its name implies, a miniature version of its majestic cousin the tall bearded iris. Of a height that lies between 41-63cm (16”-25”), in most respects it parallels the TB, but in smaller proportions, being multi-branched and multi-budded, but with slim stems and making neat and floriferous clumps.
Ideal for smaller gardens and frontal planting, it has a longer flowering period than most median iris, and blooms towards the latter end of the iris season along with the TB’s. Once called “table iris” because they were dainty enough to use in flower arrangements, this class of iris has long been neglected by plant breeders, but deservedly, they are now receiving much more of the hybridizers’ attention, and more new varieties are becoming available from specialist growers."

Olga Wells

Olga is, as far as my research has shown, THE breeder of MTB's in the UK.

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