Monday, March 5, 2012

British Iris Society - seed growing

I am, unsurprisingly a member of the British Iris society and every year there is a seed distribution. A LONG list of seeds that have come from breeders, nurseries, individuals and just about anywhere really all collected by Mrs Criddle and her assistant and then sorted out and offered to other enthusiasts. MTB seeds are always quite rare and gone fast but this year I managed to secure a batch with a promise to send lots of 'pods' from our plants in early September.

Last year I grew all the seeds we got from our MTB patch, this year I will need to be a bit more circumspect, space is an issue already and will only get worse as we add more and more cultivars.

Selectivity I think and Mrs C will no doubt be happy with an influx of MTB seeds.


  1. Love Miniature Tall Bearded irises, but many don't grow as well in Southern California. Wish the did. To grow them when space is an issue, it's a good idea though. Thanks for the picture.

  2. Interested that they don't grow well in in Southern California and am wondering why? Reading a little on your climate (Arid to Subarctic!) I would have expected them to do OK. They love baking heat and can withstand some fairly low numbers in winter. The main thing we find is damp which they abhor but still tolerate. Some varieties are more tolerant and vigorous than others of course.

    Would be happy to put together a list of 'vigorous tolerants' if you like :)


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