Monday, May 14, 2012


I am longing for some sun. Not only for me but for the Iris, they are now sending up lengths of flowering spike with fat buds waiting to open but not one single flower has emerged, very frustrating all this waiting.

About 15 of the 120 potted Iris have spikes, which is on the low side. I'm putting it down to dividing a bit heavily (i.e small rhizomes!) on the less vigorous varieties. It's all good information for the future and I am recording pages and pages of behaviour when I remember!

My ex-partner in crime tells me she is recording the number of flowers per plant and spike on the backup collection she is developing and managing, which is noble in the extreme. I feel sort of obliged to do the same but know that I will never be quite that organised. I shall admire her efforts though.

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