Monday, May 2, 2011

MTB's 2011 - a whole month early

This year with all the fantastic warm weather the MTB's are up and out early, a whole month early! Last year the first flowers arrived 20th may this year 22nd April.

We have lost one or two plants through the harsh winter but so far not an entire variety though Disco Jewels is looking VERY peaky.

In order of flowering this is the year so far:-
Week 1:-
Claire Doodle - first again 22nd April

Ace - sold as White Wine but it's Ace

New Idea 26th April

Apricot Drops 26th April (White Wine behind)

Enriched 26th April

Staplehurst 27th April

White Wine 27th April

Connect the Dots 27th April

Week 2

Medway Valley 1st May

Petite Monet 30th April

Bockingford 1st May

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