Saturday, May 7, 2011

Week 2.5

These two are still residing in pots about to go in once flowering is done.

Performer is the most glorious bluey lilac colour with exceptional blue blue beards and a sweet surprising scent. It's bigger flowered than most MTB's which makes me wonder if it isn't borderline IB but it's listed MTB so who am I to argue!

Then there is Tea Saucer Hill, smaller flowered than most other MTB's and strikingly unusual clean colouring in Yellow with pale whitey falls and a bright yellow beard. It's flowers are fleeting and last not much more than a day.

The other two newbies have not flowered, Spring Blush put on a great deal of leaf and rhizome and not one single flower, Easy succumbed to terrible mealy bug and is just about surviving, the rhizome is hard and strong so am hoping it will shake off the mass attack and recover for next year.

Tuesday we have our assessor visiting from Plant Heritage which I am dreading and looking forward to in equal measure. Nice to be able to show off our lovely collection but am sure there will be things that need much attention!

Keep all your fingers x'd for us.

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