Monday, August 1, 2011

The BIG Divide

We had planned lsat week of July but in fact it turns out to be the first week of August that we are getting down to the first big divide of out MTB collection.

Iris need dividing on a fairly regular basis otherwise you end up with a large hole and lots of Iris round the outside, not attractive. MTB's are no different except they need dividing on a slightly more frequent basis. Once every two years is the recommended average. So this being our 2nd and a half year in the ground (they went in in March 2009) we need to split this summer.

38 varieties ready to go into newly spruced up, weed free (almost) allotment beds. We did 8 this morning - day jobs get in the way - and were rather surprised by the number of surplus we seem to have. not just a handful we can give to friends but 10-40, EXTRA, that's over and above the stock plants we need for the collection. YIKES they do grow fast. One of one suppliers told us we would need to think of an outlet to sell them once the collection was motoring and he was not wrong. By the time we finish we guesstimate 400 'spare' rhizomes...whoops.

1 comment:

  1. Oooh, irises ... yes please. Can barter for a bag of lush Victoria plums?


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