Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The surplus was in the end quite shocking to behold, in fact I am still potting up the remains of it!

The exciting thing is that we have also sold some of the rhizomes to enthusiasts and a nursery. I didn't really plan on selling on our stock, which was clear given the rush once we realised just how much we would have left over, but we have sold about 100 rhizomes, so about 25% of our extras.

Perhaps next year with some common sense marketing and preparedness we might be able to sell more like 75% which would be wonderful as it would obviously fund the purchase or new varieties (!) and also go towards the ongoing maintenance of the collection - be great if the collection 'wiped it's face' as the auctioneers say, even greater if it made a bit of profit :)

And if any iris nurseries out there are looking for someone to grow on stock for them...look no further!

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