Sunday, September 25, 2011

New additions

As ever there are some last minute additions to the collection. Beeches Nursery in Cambridgeshire saved their last 2 'Carolyn Rose'  MTB's for us and whilst there I acquired 5 other SDB'd and one seemingly untraceable MTB called 'Clair Louise' though I am having some difficulty locating it in the RHS plant Finder and indeed in any of my Iris sources, so we will have to wait and see what emerges when it flowers and perhaps more will be come apparent then.

'Carolyn Rose' from Beeches Nursery

Claire Austin Hardy Plants has a great re-vamped website and two 'New to Us' MTB's 'Red Orchid'
'Red Orchid' from Clair e Austin Hardy Plants in Shropshire
Spy from Claire Austin Hardy Plants
and 'Spy'.

I am hoping they arrive by the end of October and that will take our total count to 54 - excluding Clair Louise!

As an aside I compiled a wider list of all MTB's listed for sale in both the USA and the UK and have a 'STILL TO GET' list of 194 ..... ho hum I though the 54 we have was quite a good number!

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