Sunday, October 9, 2011

Re Blooming

SO Ben a Factor has rebloomed. Bearing in Mind it is 8th October and this plant was moved, and divided in August, I think it's quite the feat.

Some iris re-bloom true but ask the experts and they will tell you that it takes a lot out of the plant to do this, sometimes they will then not be able to flower the following year or it simply weakens the plant thus making it susceptible to disease and less able to recover from predators.

Ben a Factor is not actually listed as a re bloomer, nor has it been fed or pushed in anyway. Remarkable, all I can think is that it thought spring was here during our warm October spell and quickly got a flower spike up, it is one of the earlier ones.

The single flower is not one of the best, the colours are a bit muddy and it's only 1 flower, usually 5-7 on each spike but nevertheless a flower.

We will be watching that plant carefully for the coming year.

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