Sunday, October 23, 2011

Final Autumn plantings

We've had an unseasonably warm October in the UK, which is all to the good for autumnal plantings. Still able to get their roots down into the earth and do a spot of growing and bedding in before winter set in and there is a pause for 'plantlike' hibernation.

Iris are divided from late July through  September with most nurseries sending out their final batches of orders in early October.

Our last arrivals made it here last week and have been sitting about waiting to go in, tough stuff these rhizomes!

The earth is dug over and weed free (or is that simply wishful thinking on my part?) and in they went.

Red Orchid, Spy and Tom Tit in the mTB beds along with 5 potentially 'new' plants from Welch's Reward seed last year. The WR plants are hefty little things, being smacked about by the 2 resident squirrels at home so they will do better in ground at the lottie where foxes keep pestilential rodents at bay!

Also in the ground is the gifted IB/BB (he couldn't recall what it had been registered as) 'Overcoming Love' from Gary Middleton.

The Medway Valley seedlings are in pots and in the cold frame, Squirrel proof cold frame I might add, where they will linger until next spring, they're much smaller than WR's seedlings, so a bit more caution at play.

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