Friday, March 1, 2013

RHS Plant Finder 2013-2014

Disappointingly we had to come out of the the RHS Plant Finder. The demand was to have 'nursery details' that would be published. We are not a public nursery, we're a private collection, located on a locked allotment but that matters not a wit to the RHS. No publishable address, no entry.

The RHS representative told me that people needed to have an address (or PO Box) in case of fraud (!) an email and phone number is not enough. I resisted saying that an address (or PO Box) could be just as fake or pointing out that as a registered NCH I am clearly traceable should I run off with the plant money and not provide plants....Shouting at the wind as they say.

I object to publishing my home address because they are short sighted and mistrustful.

It would be wonderful if the RHS just published all the plants available through National Collections as a matter of course, directing people through the PH website (PH do not force the use of a home address!) but perhaps making rare and unusual varieties easily available is not the business of the RHS  Plant Finder.

Of course as only 2 people contacted us last year via the RHS PF and then only for further information on Irises, it's probably not such a problem.

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