Tuesday, May 14, 2013

it's started

2013 has been late again, the cold extended winter followed by another cold snap in April and then again last week.
Interspersed with that we have had hot sunny days, warmer than a normal summer, hail and freezing winds.

Happily though the Irises got going and once going they just keep on keeping on.

The newer SDB's are well into flowering and the MTB's are coming up fast behind.

SDB Blue Pygmy was over and gone before I noticed, not a long flowering season for this one - about 3 days!

SDB Pogo is doing better, with a few nice shaped flowers and some tantalising spikes. 2nd year in the ground so a slow starter but then it was from pretty poor stock plants!

SDB Picadie is showing off one flower but more coming behind

and the lovely MTB Clare Doodle has followed the usual line and is flowering first with oodles of stems following. Shorter stems than usual but that will be the cold shock she got last week!

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